Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Links Sans Context, 11.17.05

Steve continues to amaze me with his ability to stay on the bleeding edge of web technologies. He has a provocative post on meditation and brain health at Out In The Sticks. It is a wonderful place to beging thinking about what is Christian meditation and how it is/may be different than other forms. Great new look, by the way!

Jeff at Dawn Treader concludes his conversation with a molecular biologist. If only we all were as proficient in our blogging as he...

Between Two Worlds posts on the controversial issue of evil and the existence of God. I have run across a few who have made the argument that the existence of evil is actually a kind of argument for God's existence, and BTW deals with William Lane Craig's version.

My old blogging buddy Bob at Vanguard Church Blog reminded me of the New Kind of Conversation blog book by posting on Postmodern Apologetics. Check it out and join the conversation.

I recently reviewed Piper's book God Is The Gospel. Scot McKnight deals with it and his experiences with Piper. It is worth a read.

And as a second mention, I look forward with great anticipation to the future of my friend's new blog Is This Thing On?

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Steve said...

Hey Phil!

Thanks for the compliment! I always enjoy your blog and your thoughts.