Thursday, November 17, 2005

J.P. Moreland: Postmodernism & Truth - Apologia Christi

J.P. Moreland: Postmodernism & Truth - Apologia Christi

I wanted to give a link to Apoligia Christi for posting this snippit of Moreland's recent article on Postmodernism and truth. It is being publised along with a handful of other essays on the topic in the book Whatever Happened to Truth?. The other essayists include Albert Mohler and Kevin Vanhoozer.

The excerpt AC quotes is priceless. As a teaser:

"...postmodernism is an immoral and cowardly viewpoint such that persons who love truth and knowledge, especially disciples of the Lord Jesus, should do everything they can to heal the plague that postmoernism has and inevitably does leave...." least you know where he stands on the issue.


Bob Robinson said...

No doubt!
That should be an interesting book to read.
...Though I don't know how Albert Mohler could write an essay on the same high level as a Moreland or a Vanhoozer! The more I read and hear from him, the more he seems to have a very truncated view of theology and issues.

Apologia_Christi said...

Thanks for the link Phil. If we can spread this article more and more, I'm sure there will be an increase in understanding the corrosive effects of postmodernism in people's everyday thinking.


Bob Robinson said...

BTW, the editor of the book in which this essay appears, Andreas Kostenberger, was my beginning Greek professor in seminary (TEDS).
He's become quite prolific since those days!

Rusty said...

It has been very refreshing to see J.P.'s full frontal attack on postmodernist thinking. Greg Koukl, at Stand to Reason, has also mentioned how fervently J.P. is addressing PoMo.