Friday, November 11, 2005

I Got Sloganized!

Slogans-our friend or foe? We are marketed to in slogans, we are told what politicians think in slogans, we are told how to vote in slogans, we are informed about the rest of the world in slogans, churches market in slogans…surely they are a useful tool?

I don’t think so. I have taken to the rather useful habit of labeling something a “slogan” if it is a useless bite-sized piece of information which is, on the surface of things, intended to convey information, but in actuality ends up halting the critical thinking process. If a deep or complicated subject has been “sloganized” it has been co-opted by slick marketers to get you to agree with them and their product without any thought or reflection. So can the church be “sloganized”? I don’t think so. Has it been? You bet.

So what prompted this little diatribe? I ran across this little website that creates random slogans out of any word you type in. I typed in “Phil” and received in return:

“The Incredible, Edible Phil”

I really don’t know what that means…

HT: Tim Merrill

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Eric "the" Lind said...

I have some ruminations on slogans over at Is This Thing On?