Monday, February 21, 2005

Vox Apologia VI

Because we only had one official entry this week, I decided to put together a bit of a link round-up for posts covering biotechnology related issues. Many of them are related to Terri Schaivo and her struggle for life.

My own post on the VA topic will be coming soon-I want to make sure not to burry this post.

VA Update:

The Minor Prophet wants to continue the conversation...

My entry is my first on Terri Schiavo and her struggle for life.

Thanks Catez for the great entry!

Allthings2all gives us Junk DNA Appears Vital for Life!
Summary: So called "junk DNA" has had scientists puzzled, and it was thought it was an evolutionary feature. Now new findings indicate that the junk sequences could be vital for life.

Terri Schaivo related posts:

Catez adds this call to bloggers to wield their influence in the court of public opinion in her post, Will You Help Wash Her Feet?
She includes contact information to the powers that be in Florida and some suggestions on writing in support of her life. This is a critical time for Terri!

Dory at Wittenberg Gate has her latest on the Bloggers Best for Terri Schaivo up.

bLogicus has some great thoughts in their latest post on Terri Schaivo.

Over at Wheat And Chaff we have this great point:
The devaluing of life continues. We are rapidly entering a world where the high priests of science tell us who's worthy of life and who's not.

Other Biotech posts:

The Crux Sci-Phi blogger Bobby Maddex writes on cloning pets.

BK at Cadre Comments reflects on Does Exodus 21 Teach That Unborn Children Have Less Value Than Born Children? as a result of a debate on Faith Under Fire.


Rey said...

ack! only one post for Vox Apologia! Here I was thinking "There will be other posts. I have to answer this other person's post so I'll just skip this time too." Sorry man.

Catez said...

Thanks Phil!

Phil Steiger said...


Posted on Terri and sent it as an e-mail to Governor Bush. Thanks for doing the leg work and gathering that information.


No problem! Thanks for your note, though.