Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chuck Colson on Moral Equivalency: Christian Left and Right

BreakPoint | Moral Equivalency

I alert readers to this commentary because it highlights what I think is a growing and significant division in the evangelical church. More and more, the issues of social justice and traditional "moral conservatism" are played against each other in the political realm among Christian organizations and denominations.

No matter your opinion about what Colson concludes, I think it is unarguable that this growing rift is a false dichotomy, and we would be fools to separate over it.

I think it would be interesting to do some ethical thinking about the two issues and their place in the church and politics today.


Bob Robinson said...

Thanks for the head-up on the Colson commentary.

At my blog, I commented.

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Daria said...

Hello. Wallis' open letter in response to what appears to be Colson's misunderstanding and misrepresentation of him can be found at:

(2/24/05 issue of SojoMail)

too true that these issues should be *seamless*