Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Links Sans Context 2.15.05

Pastor Steve has a cool series going at his blog, Out In The Sticks. When is the last time we seriously dealt with the difficult passages in Scripture? Here Here Here

The Dawn Treader wraps up his conversation with a lost boy.

The Huntington Apologetics team makes an important distinction about judging.

Rusty continues to write cogently and effectively about Intelligent Design.

Three new blogs from the editors of Crux Magazine:
Signs of the Times
Situation Critical
Sci-Phi (I wish I were that creative...)


Steve said...

Hey Phil-

Thanks for the props (though it's weird to have you call me pastor Steve!)! Just today I was writing 3 more articles in this series. I know it will make a lot of people uncomfortable and maybe even mad but I hope it will make us all THINK which I know you are very passionate about!

Phil Steiger said...


I also struck me a little funny to refer to you as pastor Steve-although doubly accurate! I thought "cousin Steve" might sound a bit too Appalatian...