Thursday, January 13, 2005

When Missing the Point Leaves Lives At Stake

There is a case before the courts in Michigan in which a 16 year-old boy gave his girlfriend an abortion by beating her on the stomach with a baseball bat. She was 6 months pregnant. Beyond the horror of that situation is the moral abhorrence exemplified by their attorney, Miranda Massie. She was interviewed on the Bill O’Reilly show last night and when she was asked for her explanation of the situation, she proceeded to blame pro-life policies and abstinence education.

I was utterly shocked by her lack of an ethical sense as well as her total inability to actually address the issue involved-a boy beating a girl with a baseball bat to kill a child. Her description of the kids: “these are gentle and great kids.” She referred to the event as a miscarriage. There is not a transcript up of the entire show at this point, but there are other articles which reference the case and Massie’s stumping.

This article quotes her as saying,

"The bottom line is this: if this country keeps rolling back freedom of choice and rolling back abortion rights, what you're going to see is more children attempting to perform back alley abortions on themselves," she said.

After the abortion was complete, the girl helped burry the child in their backyard like a dead pet:

The 6-month-old male fetus was delivered around Oct. 4, and Michigan State Police found the body buried in the back yard of the boy's home in November, prosecutors said.

And this snippet from the Bill O’Reilly web site:

The boy's attorney Miranda Massie argued that he does not deserve punishment. "These are gentle and great kids," Massie said. "You don't prosecute two desperate kids who are already traumatized." Instead Massie turned the episode into an indictment of anti-abortion activists. "We can provide teens with access to safe and legal abortions and access to intelligent information about sex, or we are going to see more back alley abortions like this one. Parental notification laws and abstinence-only sex ed(ucation approaches) add up to desperate acts like these."

These kids need love and consequences. They shouldn't be hidden behind the political holy grail of some lawyer.


Rob said...

Hello fellow Colorado Springs blogger. Just stumbled on your site and will be back. I saw the O'Reilly segment as well and have posted my reaction over at ItsComeDown2This. Enjoyed your blog!

Anonymous said...

Horrific. Absolutely horrific. He beat her?

I'm still shocked, and not only because of the violence, but because people would actually stoop as low as to bring in a hot political topic such as abortion into such a...personal, private, and intimate case such as this.

Whether or not one believes in abortion (I am pro-choice by the way, and therefore respect ALL decisions - including parenting), the fact that a child (technically speaking) was beaten is what the entire case should revolve around. Take care of the victim first, before using her as evidence in pointless ethical debates!

Separate from that (and a little off the topic...) I do however feel that lack of proper education towards sexuality, as well as how it relates to one's values and belief systems, opens up not just North America, but the whole world to potentially fall victim to similar cases. Ignorance - innocent or not - can be corrected, and people can be educated, but if parents are unable to comprehend that their teenager is likely thinking about engaging in a sexual act, or already has, then this generation, my generation, will be lost. We have the means to turn these problems of misunderstanding around, to solve them. All we need is to look at the big picture, and still be courteous towards those who do not share our beliefs.

HIV is not a 'gay' disease, abortion is a viable option for many, abstinence is not the only option, gay, lesbian, and bisexual people are not wrong, and yet we teach the complete opposite to anyone in school right now. If you disagree with what I just said, then teach your child that at home, not in a public board, where conflicting interests might arise!

I think I've finished, for now. Thanks for listening! :)

- A Canadian, pagan, bisexual, female teenager (Wow...I really don't fit in, do I? Now that you know who I am, do you think any different of my arguments above?)