Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Many Faces that are the Emergent Church

In the irenic spirit of postmodern deconstruction, my word-smith buddy and I have come up with some "alternate" titles for the Emergent Church.

Satire warning! Please behold the tongue in cheek...

"uh merging" - the ecclesiological equivalent of the guy who stops on the freeway onramp
"amerging" - stopping the merging of postmodern ideas with the Bible
"submerging" - they're going down!
"e-merging" - if it's on the web, it must be true
"diverging" - moving away from the truth
"ember Gent" - a British gentleman who is on fire
"emHERgent" - the feminist version
"emerperson" - the nongendered version
"detergent" - washing away the burden of truth from discourse
"convergent" - bringing together the Bible and lies, in the spirit of theological peace
"emerchant" - the true nature of the movement
"e-merchant" - ibid, on the web
"immergent" - theological xenophobia (extra credit for getting the Sweet reference...)
"em-urgent" - the church must change or!

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