Monday, March 21, 2005

Links Sans Context 3/21/05

Vox Apologia X is up at Razor's Kiss. Presuppositional apologetics is a hairy topic, and if I get a chance to today, I will try to add my .02 cents.

There is a growing surge of conservatice philosophers hitting the blogosphere. The latest I know of is Right Reason. Looks to be a great resource!

I have recently become a part of an aggregation of blogging pastors over at Mark D. Roberts.

Steve reviews Boyd's book, God At War. As many of you know, Boyd is a controversial figure in some ways. Steve's review makes the book look very interesting-in fact, it sounds much like a traditional pentecostal/charismatic view on spiritual things.

Jeff at Wheat and Chaff has some thoughts on Judicial Tyrrany. Important subject!

In case you were needing more examples of the convoluted world of political correctness, censorship and the public realm, Crux-Signs has some information for you.

Dory at Wittenberg Gate continues to be part of the vanguard fighting/blogging for Terri's life.

Huntington Apologetics writes on the Brain/Mind topic. Although this can be a philosophically complicated topic, it is an important one indeed!

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