Friday, March 11, 2005

Links Sans Context 3.11.05

I am going to try and make my way back into the blogging world, so I thought I would begin with a little link love.

It looks like the new job bug is catching. Rusty at New Covenant is retooling his blog a bit.

Rusty had another great post about the sign of the cross verses a 'holy high-five.' I think his reflection on the matter is spot on!

Vox Aplologia IX is announced and ready for submissions over at Razors Kiss. I hope to get a good post in this weekend.

My favorite topic, the Emergent Church, is the subject of a good post by Jeff at the Dawn Treader. There is a lot of thought that still needs to go into the critique and construction of the EC.

Speaking of the EC, Steve at Out In The Sticks, has a telling post concerning the possible revival of exegetical preaching and teaching as a result of the postmodern shift in our culture. I have always been a fan of that style, and so I was obviously in agreement with the article he cites.

Huntington Apologetics has some good thoughts on God and Pain.

ETC Redux
One of the potential fatal flaws in portions of the EC movement is that they have aligned themselves too closely to a worldview that is inherently deconstructionist and does not have the philosophical tools to do any real reformation of the church. It is an irony that a movement which desires to renew and reform embraces a philosophy which argues that those things, in their substance, are false goals.

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