Thursday, July 15, 2004

Stem Cell Letter to the Editor-Redux

It looks like the Rocky Mountain News did actually publish my letter to the editor without any editing. Again, kudos to the clearly superior editing at the RM News!

This makes the "big three" in Colordao for me-all three of the largest papers in the state published my letter.

Here is their (edited for paragraphing, not for content) version:

Adult stem cells viable option for research

According to Sen. John Kerry, limiting funding for fetal-tissue research on stem cells is a matter of being "too focused on ideology, not facts." I think he is exactly wrong on this issue.

According to a leading body of scientists of our day, the President's Council on Bioethics, adult stem cells provide an opportunity for harvesting viable stem cells that is as great (if not greater) than fetal stem cells.

Kerry was right to mention that this issue requires ethical oversight and reflection, but to actually do that leads to the conclusion that we should use adult stem cells.

Scientists have shown that they can use tissue that is routinely thrown away, such as umbilical cords, to harvest stem cells. So why should we destroy human life to get our hands on stem cells? I can't think of any good reason. Why don't people push for adult stem-cell research instead of fetal tissue research? I think it is typically because they have not been informed about the viability of adult stem cells.

Phil Steiger
Colorado Springs

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