Thursday, June 24, 2004

Stem Cell Letter to the Editor

I just want to take a little time to express a snippet of frustration at the editing at the Denver Post. Senator Kerry recently visited Denver and stood on the stump for fetal tissue stem cell research. I wrote a short letter to the editor about the viability of adult stem cells and the moral vacuity of fetal tissue research. They published it, but they took out a few words which left me looking (at least in my opinion) a bit simple; at the very least, I didn’t come across as lucidly as I had hoped.

The Gazette, (our local paper) on the other hand, published it word for word. Here is the original text:

According to Senator Kerry, limiting funding for fetal tissue research on stem cells is a matter of being, “too focused on ideology, not facts.” I think he is exactly wrong on this issue. According to a leading body of scientists of our day, the President’s Council on Bioethics, adult stem cells provide as great (if not greater) an opportunity for harvesting viable stem cells. Senator Kerry was right to mention that this issue requires ethical oversight and reflection, but to actually do that leads to the conclusion that we should use adult stem cells.

Scientists have shown that they can use adult tissue that is routinely thrown away, such as umbilical chords, to harvest stem cells. So why should we destroy human life to get our hands on stem cells? I can’t think any good reason. Why don’t people push for adult stem cell research instead of fetal tissue research? I think it is typically because they have not been informed about the viability of adult stem cells.

That one sounds much better, in my humble opinion. Kudos to the superior editing at the Gazette (wink, wink).

The Rocky Mountain News is going to try to publish it in the near future, so we shall see how that turns out.


Steve said...

Hey Phil-

Congratulations on getting your letter published! It's great to see you taking on this issue in the public arena. I tried to read the word for word letter from the Gazette but it is not on the page you link to. Perhaps they change the page each day. I would love to read it, so if you get a chance to post it on your blog that would be great!

Grace and peace,

Phil Steiger said...

Steve-Thanks for pointing that out! Ironically I went back to my blog to check out that very thing when I noticed your comment.