Thursday, May 15, 2014

Links with Little Context

God is dead - What next?
Source: Arts and Letters Daily

-A short review article of two books written by hard-core materialists about the search for meaning after the supposed death of God.  Materialist scientists tend to not understand their own views.-

From the article:

God’s death just means that we need to construct our own, non-authoritative narratives and art, replete with purpose and meaning. Instead of one unified story to which everyone subscribes, we should play around with a plurality of downgraded stories, which can form the basis of our day-to-day lives.

But, of course, this is what we already do, and it is less a solution than a re-statement of the problem. His various narratives won’t provide the emotional relief he wants. For just as Christianity made sublime and cosmic “truths” accessible on a human level, so it invested everyday human life with cosmic significance. With God out of the picture, this is lost.

Stand Firm: Or End Up on the Wrong Side of Eschatology

-A call for orthodox Christians to stand firm in the face of cultural pressure to give in, specifically on the issues of sexuality and marriage.-

From the article:

Athanasius was on the wrong side of "history." Good for him; Christians must always so station themselves. Our Lord was murdered on Calvary by the great dead historical hulk called the Roman Empire.

Income Inequality: You Can't Handle The Truth : Acton

-Income inequality might not be what you think it is.-

From the article:

The truth about income inequality? It’s not greedy business folks hoarding their money from the rest of us. It’s a carefully constructed political plan meant to serve power-hungry pols.

Ed Stetzer's The Exchange

-Interview with Darrell Bock, his book, "Truth Matters," and wise cultural engagement-

-The Human Tail - another Darwinian myth.-

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