Friday, January 07, 2011

Margaret Sanger Speaks From The Grave

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist. While the public face of Planned Parenthood has softened over the last couple of generations, the purpose of the founding was to reduce the number of births among the poor and minorities. And, it seems, though Sanger is long dead, she is getting her way.

According to statistics released by the city of New York, nearly 40% of all pregnancies in the city end in abortion. If that isn’t enough of a bloodbath for you, the rate among black women is nearly 60%. The abortion agenda is doing what slavery never could – it is creating our own self-imposed holocaust by beginning with minority and poor children.

The study goes on to show:

The breakdown by ethnicity is, perhaps, even more startling. Almost 60% of all pregnancy outcomes in NYC for African-American mothers were abortions; among Hispanics, 41.3%. Asians and whites had relatively low percentages of abortion outcomes (22.7% and 20.4%, respectively).

And we should keep in mind that there are organizations making money hand-over-fist because of these kinds of stats.

No matter how unpopular the message seems to be in public, churches need to continue to stand for the dignity and personhood of the unborn and support efforts to stem the tide of abortion in our nation and world. This isn’t a political matter tied to R’s and D’s, it is fundamentally a moral matter tied to the health of the family and the human soul.


Assault On Ambivalence--Marcus Robinson said...

I had not heard about Margaret Sanger's motivation until today when I was listening to Religion Saves by Mark Driscoll. Chilling stuff. Christian R's & D's need to keep working on this issue. The truth about this industry is unjustifiable.

Phil Steiger said...

Its incredible, isn't it? And the cover-up job has been almost complete. I had a student at PPCC once ask if she could do her final paper on Sanger as a kind of women's rights hero because she was hearing her current political heroes praise her.

As can be attested by the level of interaction shown by Ritchie below, a lack of simple historical and logical knowledge can lead us down some destructive paths.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you critics that Sanger observed the horrible poverty caused by poor people having more children than they could afford? She strove to reduce that poverty and suffering (she had poor women pleading with her to help them out) by reducing the number of children they had to try to feed. What is so wrong with contraception? Most women now use it!

Until you have walked in the poor's shoes, do not condemn someone who tried to help!

And how many of you opponents of abortion are aware of the serious health risks of conception? Maybe when someone in your family needs an abortion to prevent lifetime impairment, you will understand.