Monday, November 12, 2007

Church Planting to the Extreme!

If you don’t know anything about church planting theory, this story will act as a really good primer into the faddish and surreal world that is how you ought to grow your church. If you have suggested this form of church planting theory, this might give you a chuckle or two as you critique the various marketing and leadership mistakes made by the young church. If you have had this form of church planting theory imposed upon you, laugh along with me as we enjoy the reductio ad absurdum in hilarious harmony.

Mini-Church Acts Mega: Lark News

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. — On Sunday morning at Horizon Christian Fellowship, a 15-member worship band cranks out praise songs and the pastor preaches with the aid of stadium lighting and jumbo-size screens. But the church, which is only eight months old, has an average attendance of just 28.

"If we build it, we believe they will come," says pastor Rick Allen, 26, a recent Bible college graduate.


J said...

That truly was disturbing! There's a difference between having a program, which may help to attract people to your church, and pretending to be something you aren't because you think it will attract people.

Advertise to announce church: OK
Pretend to be a mega-church: Lying

This sounds a lot like a church trying to start on a Prosperity Gospel idea of positive thinking.

Phil Steiger said...


For some reason I hadn't put together the prosperity gospel with some of the church planting models out there, but something about your comment strikes me a right.

Instead of "naming and claiming" it, the model this article parodies is more like maybe a "pretend it to be it" method. If you don't have thousands of people make sure everyone who doesn't attend thinks you do, and somehow that will make it true. Interesting...

The Gyrovague said...

I loved this story, I have split a gut muscle laughing my tail off.

I am disturbed by the thought that someone out there might have, or will try something like this. Get a good grant of money, build a big church and invite all to come...only to see none.

mike said...

You're a pastor right? What is your church like: attendance, music style, your preaching style, basic beliefs, anything extra? At what point does a smaller church, in your opinion, change formats? It needs to tailor to the congregation obviously, but what other factors come into play? Just wondering your opinion.

Jan said...

I know some planter/pastors who would 'kill' to have that building! :)