Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Yeah, I'm calling from, like, my motorcycle."

I saw something last night I have never seen before. It was about 8:30pm, dark, and I was driving alongside a guy on a motorcycle talking on his cell phone. It wasn’t a bluetooth earpiece, it was just a normal cell phone wedged between his right shoulder (throttle hand) and ear.

Have cell phones become so ubiquitous and commonplace that we no longer think of them as an impediment to interacting with the world around us when we really need to be paying attention? There is no way this guy was safe on his bike and cell phone at the same time, but the awkward physical position and noise level didn’t phase him one bit. Is it really too much to ask to hang up while you are driving a bike and call your buddy back when you reach your destination?

Maybe I am being a bit curmudgeonly, but are we becoming way too accustomed to having life the way we want it when we want it? If driving a motorcycle at night is not enough to make us postpone a possibly pointless conversation, do we have our priorities all askew?

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Rusty Lopez said...


This MSN article touches on the aspect of always being connected and, in this case, how it apparently affects maturity levels in college students.

On my commute I've seen, among other things, a woman driving while smoking a cigarette in one hand and talking on the cell phone with the other (must have been driving with her knees, I guess).