Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Focus On The Family's Truth Project

Faith at Altitude: Truth and Dare

I am a little dissapionted that I didn't hear about this local conference before it was held-I would have loved being there. I did receive, however, a promo DVD with snippets of the sessions and an overview of the project. It is all very well done and put together, but I had one reservation stemming from what little I saw on the DVD. I wish they had steered clear of some of the social advocacy issues they tackled head-on. It is not that I necessarily disagree with the positions they took (I probably agree with FOTF more often than not), but in my opinion building a worldview means building philosophical and theological foundations instead of political positions. The political positions inevitably follow, but we ought to be theological first and political second.

I am currently going through a study of Jeremiah with our church and I am struck from time to time by his ability to raise political havoc while being wholly committed theologically and completely uncomitted politically.

Maybe someone out there has seen the full set of materials and would like to comment on their usefulness and quality?

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Jeff said...

Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but I would be happy to comment. I attended the first Truth Project training conference in Charlotte back in May and I am going to be starting my first group in just over 3 weeks. I have been through all of the material and I find it to be very unique.

The social aspects of the material are covered in the second half of the sessions and are based on the philosophical and theological foundation built in the first half. Some of our group was a bit concerned because we have some political diversity, but that was intentional on my part.

Dr. Dell Tackett, in leading the course, does not take a certain political position and tout it as "The Truth". Instead, he breaks down the social spheres of life, then turns to see how the structure of that social system is a reflection of the nature of God. The viewers are then left to draw their own conclusions about how that plays out for themselves. It is a much more foundational approach that just teaching worldview. As a participant, you are over and over encouraged to "turn and gaze upon the face of God." It is that personal encounter that they are encouraging to get the modern church to return to its roots and stand for what they believe.

If you want to know more, I have a blog that will be a representation of our group as things get going. Check it out here and you can see how it has impacted me. In my search for like minded bloggers, I have added your site to my blogroll.