Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rights vs. Spiritual Growth

I thought this quote from today's Oswald Chambers reading was worthwhile:

Whenever our right becomes the guiding factor of our lives, it dulls our spiritual insight.

There are higher goods in this world besides my own wants, needs, and even rights.


Sheena said...

I couldn't agree more. We're all about rights these days in every sphere, no matter what the cost.

Good quote, thanks.

Small Group Guy said...

When Christians realize what it means to give up our rights and follow Christ, who gave up his rights for us, we will truly start a revolution.

Anonymous said...

yes--always a challenge. ; ) and there are balances, fine points here: we are to speak up for and defend the rights of those who are being oppressed and wronged (ex: Psa 82; Prov. 31; cf James 5:4), for example.

Chambers is always getting to the real, the fundamental, and I think his emphasis here is that the *principle* of defending our rights should not be running our lives--we must always rivet our eyes on Jesus, listen to His heart...let Him choose for us, rather than always to insist on our way.
and another quote of his speaks to this, too, as far as waiving our rights at times: "To the saint, personal insult becomes the occasion of revealing the incredible sweetness of the Lord Jesus."
oh my...weaving in these different strands is something I'm still figuring out! ; )

D : )

Phil Steiger said...

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts on this. D, I think you are right there is a certain kind of balance involved here, and that Chambers notes that in other places.

I wonder if a significant factor is the difference between defending our own rights vs. standing up for others. I have been reading a "leadership history" of the Jesuit movement, and it is amazing how much they laid aside their own rights and earthly happiness for the sake of souls and the spread of the Gospel.