Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Desperate Call for Pentecostal Theologians, Educators, Pastors, Etc.!

Who's Who in Pentecostalism--ministers, leaders and preachers in the Pentecostal

I must admit, being a Pentecostal minister, this list is a little depressing. Admittedly, it comes from, but it is probably fairly accurate. I was surprised to find Al Sharpton (maybe more suited for the "Most Influential Pentecostal Hair-Care Products" list) and Joel Osteen on the list.


Thrasher said...

Very interesting... I myself am a Word of Faith Christian, though in a weird, reformed sort of way.

Al Sharpton?

Phil Steiger said...

Yeah-Al Sharpton. I didn't know his ministerial backgroud was pentecostal.

And that is an interesting combination-reformed and word of faith? I wonder if you could elaborate a bit?

The Professor said...

You're right this is depressing. Of that list, only Jack Hayford stands out as an orthodox biblical teacher. I know of Rev. Sharpton's pentecostal pedigree because I grew up in his denomination. Rev. Al's mentor, Bishop F.D. Washington was known as the prince of preachers among Pentecostals in his day. I don't know how Rev. Sharpton managed to get away from such solid roots. There are some serioys problems among today's Pentecostals. The most important one is a de-emphasis on doctrine. Correct doctrine (orthodoxy) is the foundation for correct practice (orthopraxy). We need some serious biblical teaching in our ranks in order to flush out all of that error being taught in Pentecostal circles today. I won't even let it be known what I think of the Word of Faith movement. I think that many WOF leaders think that solid biblical exegesis is a sin. After all, one of the signs of the last days is that people will not endure sound doctrine but will appoint their own teachers who will teach them fables. I saw many fable teachers on that list but I won't mention them by name for fear of being sued. I hope that a new generation of leaders will spring up that will adhere to the word of God as the standard by which teaching is judged. Pray for our Pentecostal brethren.

Ben said...

Ohhhhh. Why is that the family members you like to pretend you don't have are the loudest, most well known ones? But we gotta love em... don't we?