Friday, December 09, 2005

Links Sans Context 12.9.05

Chad has some very thoughtful things to say in reply to Plantinga’s “Advice to Christian Philosophers.”  It is a new blog to me and looks good.

Adrian is talking about Charismatic gifts and cessationism.  He links to what looks to be a thoughtful article on the contemporary issue of prophecy.

Another new blog to me by Doug Wilson-this post deals well with McLaren’s A Generous Orthodxy.

Dr. Steve Cowan is writing a short series of posts on the role of apologetics and philosophy in the church.  This post in particular is about their roles from behind the pulpit.

Darrell at Disert Paths is writing a series on Christian mysticism.  This post has some good thoughts on the roles of small groups and Christian communities in directing mystical experience.  We are beginning a conversation on the post-throw your hat in the ring.  HT: Out In The Sticks

Steve has written another in his string on evangelical theology.  Check out his thoughts on why evangelicalism might be so short on tools dealing with suffering.

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Chad said...

Hello, I'm Chad from DoxazoTheos. Thank you for me comment and linking my site! I'll be sure to do the same for you. I also see you have RazorsKiss linked, whom I've been friends with for a while.

Keep up the Lord's good work.

~ Chad McIntosh