Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Provocations and Pantings: Franchising Church

Provocations and Pantings: Franchising Church: The Latest Greatest Trend of the Megachurch Movement

I ran across this thorough and thoughtful post on satellite churches just last night doing a search on the great new tool-Google Blog Search If you are weighing the options and trying to analyze the trend, this post is definitely worth a gander.


Jay said...

I've been reading your posts with interest since I actually attend a satellite church. Frankly, I can't stand it. The notion that God has (apparently) only equipped one person per ten thousand Chrisitians with the gift of teaching is silly. When we started attending, we were under the impression that our satellite church was actually a church plant-in-embryo. 18 months later, it looks like we're in permanent orbit.

Wayne M said...

I think the apostle paul was the leader of a mega church with satellites. Just a thought.

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