Friday, July 15, 2005

A Great New Blog

Dr. Groothuis is a Philosophy professor at Denver Seminary, and of much less importance, a former professor of mine. (I hereby take full responsibility for all philosophical flops in ETC.) His new blog is The Constructive Curmudgeon. He has a way with words you don't find many places. As a teaser, this is from his latest visit to a booksellers convention:

Yet, by the grace of God (which also held back the "cleansing of the temple"), four things made it bearable....(4) I brought my TV-B-Gone with me. This is a universal television remote control device that turns off most televisions. I have been learning the esoteric skill of temporary television termination for several months now, but this surfeit of screens made it possible to break my personal record for TV kills in one day: thirteen terminations (eleven at the convention and two at restaurant before that). I was able to hit four of the God-knows how-many screens showing "Angel Wars"—a partial victory, but one I savor. One must use this blessed device discretely, since one doesn’t want to be caught zapping the great Idol of our age. The downside is that you have to usually watch the screen for up to a minute to properly aim the device. (It cycles through possible frequencies in sixty-nine seconds).

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j0ey said...

Funny...and yet intriguing...its like a secret weapon.