Wednesday, December 22, 2004

X-mas Censorship-The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Just so I can join fray of news stories and blogs dealing with the spate of Christmas fright, this item showed up on our local news recently. A student’s editorial column was removed from the high school paper allegedly because it was not well written. The topic of the editorial was the commercialization of Christmas and was entitled, “The True Story of Christmas.” The students are fighting back claiming censorship. Without dealing with the whole, “does the religious notion of Christmas belong in the public square” debate, I want to bring up one issue raised in the article. When asked for reasons why the editorial was banned, one of the answers was:

"The principal would have hoped it was a little more inclusive of other perspectives, but that would not have stopped it," said District 60 spokesman Greg Sinn.

Did I miss something, or was this an editorial? By definition it is an opinion written by an individual in order to express their opinion! This excuse, along with the 'poorly-written' reason, makes me very suspicious that the school was scared to death to publish an editorial with this title.

How have we gotten to the point where this level of sloppy thinking is tolerated in the public square? The excuse quoted above is so paper thin you can see the vacuum of mental space behind it.

You can be the judge as to whether the editorial was well written.

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