Monday, September 13, 2004

Christian "Music"

Why is a sizeable chunk of Christian Music today so silly and near insipid? I try my best from time to time to keep up with the “hip” and new artists and music, and the stuff that gets radio time gives me a headache. Now, I know that it tends to be the case that the really good stuff almost never sees the light of day on the radio, but the music that does reflects what is selling the best. And what seems to be making it off the shelves is shallow, self-centered devotionalism.

Right now, excluding those few bands which are more than an inch deep, Christian pop music is at its best when it is remaking old Sting and U2 songs. I don’t think many of the popular artists or song writers have really come to grips with their faith. I am almost positive that most of them have not struggled with it at all. Of course, the real possibility remains that even if they had, they are just really bad poets.

Every now and then I think American Christianity needs a few Jobs and Jeremiahs.

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