Friday, August 20, 2004

Three Cheers for Pride!

Three Cheers for Hubris! Where would we all be without rampant self-centeredness? How would the world continue to turn minus unchecked pride? Huzzah!

I always enjoy watching the Olympic Games. Part of what I find attractive about the games is the exhilaration found on the faces of amateurs who have dedicated their time and effort to Herculean efforts and then to the stress and strain of top-notch international competition. It amazes me how thrilled I get every time some athlete is overwhelmed by winning any medal at all. Some expect a Gold and are still thrilled with their Silver and others are completely floored by cracking into the top three. I can’t get enough of their heartfelt thanks to their supportive family, friends and coaches. For some reason I find myself misty-eyed from time to time watching the competition.

Then there is the American men’s basketball team. Who let these guys in the door, and how is it they decided to stoop to the level of the Olympic Games? Who in the planning committee missed that these guys are way too good for the international stage? Why didn’t the International Olympic organizers just UPS the Gold medals so these guys didn’t have to interrupt their gang activity? It has to be embarrassing for them to know that their friends in prison have nothing else to do but watch them beat up on all the inferior foreigners who pretend to play the game of basketball.

But wait! You can’t be telling me that they lost to people who can conjugate the verbs in their native tongue? Someone stop the world, I would like to get off now. Maybe its just part of the plan.

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