Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Links Sans Context 3/29/05

Razors Kiss is announcing the inauguration of Voxapologia.org. This site will not only host future symposiums, but it will (I believe) quickly become a great apologetics resource. James Brown is often introduced as "the hardest working man in showbiz"--I think Joshua should be introduced as "the hardest working man in the blogosphere." Way to go!

The Conservative Philosopher links to a provokative and thoughtful essay on how to mix religion and politics.

Dr. Reynolds, a philosopher at Biola, also posts a provocative essay on picking a Christian college.

I have been reflecting recently on the role of church authority, creeds and biblical interpretation, and Letters From Babylon has a good post on the issue.

ETC Redux:
I thought it would be timely to revive a post inspired by an article by William F. Buckley on the Pope, Death, and Dying.


RazorsKiss said...

Heh. I dunno about "hardest working".

Most distracted? Quite possibly :D

Thanks for the kind words, Phil!

RazorsKiss said...

Just noticed - it's voxapologia.org :D

Phil Steiger said...